Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 2.0.0 Apk

Download Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 2.0.0 Apk | Setelah sebelumnya admin telah membagikan game mod yaitu Deer Hunter v3.0.3 Mod Apk pada kesempatan ini admin akan membagikan sebuah game yang sangat menyenangkan sekali jika di mainkan yaitu game let's get rich taiwan yang sering sekali memberikan banyak hadiah seperti diamonds dan gold dalam Event event yang diadakan. Dalam versi terbaru Get Rich taiwan ini kalian dapat download secara gratis disini serta telah admin sediakan clone get rich taiwan. Clone adalah sebuah aplikasi duplikat dari Aplikasi aslinya karena dalam sebuah android tidak dapat menginstal 2 aplikasi yang sama maka terciptalah Clone aplikasi sehingga dapat instal 2 Aplikasi yang sama dalam satu ponsel. nah disini sudah admin sediakan banyak sekali clone untuk line get rich taiwan sehingga kalian dapat mempunyai akun get rich taiwan 2 bahkan lebih. untuk get rich taiwan clone kalian bisa download disini.

Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 1.9.0 Apk

Description :

This is a game for all ages, just throw the dice, you can start a surprise adventure!
How long did you have with your family or friends to play the game? Remember when we gather together to enjoy the game happy?
Through each dice flying derive tremendous excitement and fun.
If you want to become the world's richest people, they strive to beat rival it!

Fitur :

- Around the world, advances in space
In the course of the game, in addition to various well-known attractions around the world, you can also battle for interstellar!

- Maneuvered to grab resources
Unlike puzzle game, every role and dice offer different advantages, the right strategy and preparation will be the key to winning.

- Diversification of roles, in line with the needs of each individual
Prankster Dennis, Yana Qi pretty smart, beautiful baseball star Hernandez's Katelina and so on, many players here waiting to assist you to become the world's richest people.

- A card in hand, the world I have
A card every opportunity, are likely to reverse the war. You can spread the plague in the enemy's cities, the land value against lower prices or forcing your opponent will be transferred to your estate. A variety of opportunities for card waiting for you to discover!

- Set up teams with friends, together for the dream fight
Travel is always a bit lonely person, share with friends, go forward together and allow the journey full of memories! In the game you can team up with friends to fight together for the dream throw dice it.
are you ready? All treasures are waiting for you in front of a fast adventure with friends!

* According to game software hierarchical management approach, this software for the protection level, may only use six or more people.

Screenshot :

Download Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 1.9.0 Apk

Download Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 1.9.0 Apk

Download Get Rich Taiwan Versi Terbaru 1.9.0 Apk

Informasi apk

Nama : Line Get Rich Taiwan (LINE 旅遊大亨)
Update aplikasi : 20 juli 2017
Support to android : 2.3.4 ke atas
versi sekarang : 2.0.0
More : Google Play
Downlaod Apk v2.0.0

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  1. Udah coba dnld yg ini, tapi link nya error...

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    1. langsung klik link downloadnya saja mbg dwi

  3. Please update v.1.40(53) thanks again gan.

    1. Oke gan silahkan di download dan di share artikelnya

  4. mntap gan..thx...

  5. Versi tanggal 28 mei 2016 ada nggk ? Udh update baru nihh

    1. ada-nya versi yang 1.5.2 yang dulu sudah saya hapus file-nya